Ascent To Annapurna

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I have so many stories to tell. About the time I lost my way to Chhomrong. About the family that stops for tea and poetry, three generations reliving the grandfather’s journey. About the change the altitude & mountains force on those who climb it.

Those stories will wait. For now I’ll let the pictures say what they can about the trek into the Annapurna Sanctuary.




The first few days were spent in Kathmandu. It’s a smoky, dusty, smelly group of old cities, a place growing in on itself and over its own history. It’s a fascinating mish-mash of culture, tourism, poverty and growth.


The ascent begins

I was glad to get up into the mountains. Life is very different up here. Everything to sustain life is carried by another living thing. The trek is hard, thousands of metres of vertical—over 6,800m total once you count the ups and downs. It’s one of the most physically difficult things I’ve ever accomplished, in no small part because of the heavy camera I carried to take these images.

A004_C010_0101KK A004_C026_0101JY A005_C001_0101KX A005_C011_0101ZR A005_C013_01015W


into the green

A004_C055_0101BF.0000175 A005_C020_0101EK A005_C029_0101CL A005_C062_0101E2 A005_C080_0101B5 A004_C045_0101SY

The lower reaches of the trek are all green, verdant jungle. Rhododendron gives way to bamboo which fades into other shades of green. Strange birds and insects chirp alongside the constant rush of the Modi Khola. Everywhere is water, the trail snaking its way through and around its etchings in the rock.


climbing into clouds

The alpine only makes its appearance above 3500 metres, the jungle clinging high to the valley walls. As you ascend, green slowly disappears into horizons of blue, black and orange.



Turning the corner

And then the mountains appear. Approaching Machhapuchhre Base Camp (the last stop before the top), you turn a corner into the final ascent to ABC.



The Final Climb

My last climb was late in the day, shrouded in fog through the alpine valley that leads up to the Camp. I could see nothing of what was about to open up around me. I went for a cold sleep and awoke for sunrise, and the result was truly breathtaking.

A005_C151_0101OAA005_C171_01017CA005_C163_0101WOA005_C153_0101Z2 A006_C081_0101ES


Small in a Big World

Getting up to Annapurna Base Camp is a kind of pilgrimage. It’s long slog through jungle and rough trails. For me, doubly so: I was solo with a heavy pack, alone on the trail without a guide, porter or familiar friends. Arriving at the top is hard to express. In everyone it induces a kind of silent awe, sitting amongst a sanctuary that reminds us of our smallness.

A006_C007_01018C A006_C011_01010W A006_C015_0101OL


Friends along the way

One of the surprising highlights for me was just how many friends I made on the trek. I’m a quiet person, more likely to observe at first than to join in. This experience was different. After several hours of focused concentration on the trail, the downtime in the lodges became openly social, meeting new friends and sharing stories. I met some fascinating people along the way, some of whose stories I hope to tell.


Blue and Gold

The last day before the descent was spent wandering up to the glacier and taking in the immensity and scale of the mountain peaks that surround us. We came up 4000m, and yet the peaks around stretch twice that height. They feel close enough to touch. When a helicopter comes to rescue someone from altitude sickness, the scale of the place becomes apparent as he flies away for several minutes without reaching the mountain walls.

A006_C054_0101TD A006_C069_0101XW A006_C076_0101LA



The place is magnificent and attractive in a mysterious and quiet way. I don’t want to leave. Eventually the body has to give into the punishment of the same steps in reverse, and I step back into the green and away from the mountaintops.

A006_C103_0101CG A006_C139_0101GE A006_C119_0101D2


The Last Stop

The final night for many is in Jhinu, the hotsprings below Chhomrong. It’s the first chance for physical relaxation after a gruelling descent. Trekkers, porters, guides and hosts alike all join in the post-accomplishment party. This particular dance party broke out at dinner and continued late into the night.



  1. dude, amazing. Glad to see fellowship behind the lens

  2. I’ve lived here 6 years and never seen many of the places you just did. Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing and I am glad the beauty and people of Nepal captured yet another person :-)

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